Axel (played by Kelly), the Flurry of Dancing Flames is the Nobody of Lea, and is Rank VIII within Organization XIII. He wields fire and enhances his weapons, twin chakrams.



Organization XIII member




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Like other Organization members, Axel wears the basic black gloves and boots. His black coat, however, is one of the more distinctive ones in the group, as its sleeves close up tightly around his arms. Axel himself is also easily distinguishable from other characters in terms of facial features, made easier by the fact that he rarely wears the hood of his coat up. Axel has a widow's peak, rather small eyebrows and thick, shoulder-length, bright red hair styled into slicked-back spikes. His eyes are a bright emerald color and he has black, reverse-teardrop shaped markings under each eye.


Axel first appears in Demyx Time 5, ordered by Xemnas to keep an eye on Demyx.

Axel gets his own episode in Demyx Time 8, Axel Time. However, it is quickly interrupted by Marluxia and Larxene.

In Demyx Time 12, he is one of the students in the 'loser' group, and is a 'thing' with Roxas.


  • Demyx - He and Demyx appear to be a couple. Though he still picks on Demyx and steals things from his room.
  • Roxas - In Demyx Time 12, Roxas is in a relationship with Axel. Xion doesn't know this until Axel and Roxas hug each other and go make out in Saix's office. Xion doesn't notice that Axel winks at Roxas when Roxas nods in Xion and Axel's direction during the baseball game. In Demyx Time 14, Roxas was very angry at Axel for spending one and a half years with Demyx. And for telling Demyx all about their sexual lives together.
  • Xigbar - It is shown that Xigbar is at first obsessed with Axel and is dying to get in his pants. When Demyx and Axel switch bodies, Xigbar gets a chance at Axel while he is weak. It is implied that something did happen because Axel (back in his own body) notices Xigbar's name writtten across his chest in permanant marker. In episode 8, Axel also asserts that Xigbar has a ninja 'sharingan' eye when he steals his patch.

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