Demyx Time 10 is the tenth episode of webseries Demyx Time. It is also the last episode to be presented in sections such as Dem Dem Cam or The Demy Dictionary.

Demyx Time 10
Season 1, Episode 10
Demyx Time 10
Written by JenxtheJinx
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Episode SummaryEdit

Axel is in a bad mood because he found out about what Xigbar did to him while he and Demyx had swapped bodies, and leaves the show after they argue.

What Demyx found in the other guys' roomsEdit

Demyx invites Vexen as a co-host. Demyx went into Riku's room and stole a box named Dennis with faces drawn on his every side. Inside, he finds beers, duct tape and KY jelly. Vexen leaves after Demyx offends him.

The Demy DictionaryEdit

Demyx invites Zexion to the show in Axel and Vexen's stead, but he is quite antisocial, and his host skills are lacking. For this Demy Dictionary, he presents diverse English sayings and phrases.

Abusing MarluxiaEdit

According to Zexion, Axel has gone to Marluxia after leaving. For revenge, Demyx films Marluxia speaking to his "magic"mirror. He asks who is the fairest of them all, and Axel, behind the mirror, gives all names but his.

Zexion leaves the show out of annoyance.

Orgy SecretsEdit

Xigbar and Xemnas hunt Larxene on weekends.

Xaldin is referred to as "the tripod".

Axel's favorite movie is Narnia, and his favorite shows are Desperate Housewives, Bargain Hunt, Extreme Make Over and America's Next Top Model.

Xemnas' wardrobe connects to Narnia.

Luxord taught Xigbar to play the banjo,but won't admit it because he has never played anything since breaking a string during a live performance.

Larxene collects "airplane stickers".

Cooking with LuxordEdit

Luxord and a previous incarnation of himself from the past summoned as an assistant try cooking something with rum. Unfortunately, past Luxord keeps drinking it all. Present Luxord goes after Demyx because hethinks he's the culprit, but catches his past self red handed and gets into a fight.

Axel returns to the show and promises to never leave him again, though somewhat ungracefully.