Demyx Time 11 is the eleventh episode of the web show series Demyx Time.

Demyx Time 11
Season 1, Episode 11
Demyx Time 11
Written by JenxtheJinx
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Episode Summary

Demyx owes Xemnas a lot of money and has to find jobs to pay him back. He gets the idea to ask other Orgy members if he can do odd jobs for them.

First, Axel asks Demyx to get him the keys for Xemnas' Room say he can play the Xbox 360, but doesn't pay him, claiming its on his tab. Then, Xion asks him to play pretend teaparty with her, but Larxene and Marluxia interrupt and Xion leaves, upset.

Xemnas has Demyx wash his malevolent, sentient undergarments. Vexen shows Xemnas and Saïx various unnecessary bills to the Organization. Vexen pays Demyx to keep people out of his bathroom/lab, but soon kicks him out for breaking his "no talking no touching" rule. Apparently, it is not unusual for Vexen to lose his temper, as he has reduced Xigbar to a small quantity of dark liquid.

Marluxia and Larxene pay Demyx to be a mediator between them as they are angry with each other over who broke the grill, but they make up quickly. Xemnas holds a meeting to plan their attack on Sora. Demyx suggests everyone attacking at once, Vexen suggests hiding underground till Sora dies, and Marluxia suggests attacking one by one and monologuing what the plan to do him first. Xemnas agrees with Marluxia's plan, and the meeting is adjourned. Demyx gets desperate about his debts, and Xion lends him the money. But it is revealed that it is all part of the Fridge Goblin's plan to take over the Organization, and that Demyx has only covered the interest.


  • The opening of episode 11 is a parody of the opening sequence from the sitcom "Friends".
  • Axem and Roxas have both missed thirteen consecutive meetings.