Demyx Time 12 is the twelfth episode of Demyx Time.

Demyx Time 12
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date October 9 2009
Written by JenxtheJinx
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  • Xion
  • Roxas
  • Luxord
  • DiZ
  • Vexen


Xion is the new student at Oblivion High, and is immediately accepted into the 'loser' group consisting of Demyx, Axel, and Luxord, whom everyone suspects of being a spy for Britain. At lunch, they meet the cool kids. Roxas, the head of the baseball team, who all the jocks worship. Zexion, the scene kid who always knows what's cool and what's not. Marluxia, the head of the Drama department, and it is still being argued over whether he is male or female among the students. And Larxene, the leader and all-around bitch. Xion and Roxas meet, but Larxene doesn't like it because she's supposed to be the only girl in the school.

They go through a series of contests to decide who is better: a spelling contest, where the losers win, a baseball game, where the cool kids win, and Romeo and Juliet auditions where neither of the groups win.

Meanwhile, DiZ, the school inspector, is being given a tour of the school by Headmaster Xemnas. As they go around from teacher to teacher, it gets worse and worse. Saïx, the English and Evil 101 teacher,‎ is found slamming Zexion's head on the board yelling "Twilight isn't literature." Vexen, the science teacher, is warning his students not to catch on fire while he fetches extinguishing equipment. And Xigbar, the PE teacher, is discovered talking to a cinema about students filming Toy Story 3D.

In the end, the contest results in a draw, Xemnas finds out about the contest through Luxord, Axel and Roxas make out in from of Saix's office (to Xion's surprise), everyone dances to the final dance of High School Musical, and the school is going to close.


  • This episode is based on High School Musical
  • During the baseball game, Zexion distracts Demyx by partially taking off his jacket.
  • When Roxas nods and smiles in Xion and Axel's direction during the baseball game, Axel winks back at him.
  • Luxord turns out to be a spy for Xemnas.
  • Demyx is unnable to say 'auditions', but can spell floccinaucinihilipilification.
  • Larxeene thinks that 'box' isn't a word.