Demyx Time 5 is the fifth episode of the eponymous webshow. This episode is the first to include Axel as a co-host.

Demyx Time 5
Season 1, Episode 5
Written by JenxtheJinx
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Axel punched Demyx in the nose and made him bleed, and so made him believe he's started his male period and has to put tampons up his nose. He notices the presence of Axel on the set. He has apparently been asked to keep an eye on Demyx.

The Orgy Meetings:Edit

Larxene complains about Demyx stealing her tampons. Saïx asks if it is compulsory that every male in the Organization should be castrated, to which Xemnas gives a resoundant no, but Zexion confirms that it should make them stronger, and that he has cloned Xigbar twice, so he isn't quite sure which is which, and if the real Xigbar is even alive. He also wonders why they have been taken down by so many people. Larxene steals Zexion's Lexicon, and he kills himself.

Dem Dem Cam:Edit

Demyx spies on Roxas who draws a picture of himself and Axel, then rushes to show Demyx.

What Axel found in the other guys' rooms:Edit

Axel goes into Demyx's room, finds ugly fake chakrams and steals his candy.

Demyx's revenge:Edit

Demyx takes revenge on Marluxia for putting them on a diet by cooking his beloved flowers.

The Demy Dictionary:Edit

The word of the week is "smegma". At first, Demyx thinks it means someone who takes another's possessions, but when he finds out what it really means, he switches to "noodles".