Demyx Time 7 is the seventh episode of the eponymous web show Demyx Time.

Demyx Time 7
Season 1, Episode 7
Written by JenxtheJinx
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Saïx has been ordered to supervise the show and censor all that would displease Xemnas.

The Orgy MeetingsEdit

Demyx hasn't been paid this month, and tries to complain, but Saïx's presence forces him to shut up.

Demyx's RevengeEdit

Saïx is called away to give the Superior his bubble bath. Demyx and Axel have set a trap for him and have him fall down a pit. Axel goes to bring Vexen his shield back, but ends up with no DNA for stealing it in the first place.

Dem Dem CamEdit

The camera is set in Zexion's room. Zexion is reading peacefully and Demyx comes blundering in telling him about Xigbar hitting on him, and sings the song "If you were gay" from Avenue Q. Zexion leaves, crying in denial. Saïx comes back and sends them to Xemnas' office. He threatens to stop the show unless they don't get 100 video responses. This was easily achieved.