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Welcome to Demyx Time Wiki. This is the Wikia of Demyx Time, We are currently updating the information and invite you to join us in improving this wikia! When editing these pages, please remember that the storyline of the webshow series

  • July 03, 2010 due to the fact, there is heavy editing. is around I wish there was someone around to help, due to my busy days, but I wish there is someone out there can block spammers
  • August 27, 2012 due to the fact, I'm making a inbox, dose not mean. to update random pages, means to do whatever you want. to make the wikia better. dose not mean, just goof off and spam the place. and never clean up. that's what we call an show off, that's an rule for being blocked on here. remember that while I'm not here to make an inbox for the characters about the webshow

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I - III: Xemnas | Xigbar | Xaldin
IV - VI: Vexen | Lexaeus | Zexion
VII - VIII: Saïx | Axel
IX - X: Demyx | Luxord |
XI - XIV: Marluxia | Larxene | Roxas | Xion
Other Characters: