These are the rules of the Demyx Time Wiki.

The Rules of Wikia are also Rules Here


  • All the Articles should be properly related to Demyx Time, articles about things about fanfiction do not belong here. Speculation also does not belong in the wiki.
  • Fanfiction and speculation are not allowed on this wikia. At best we allow we allow subjects of heavy fan discussion to be added in the trivia section.
  • During edit wars, the pages will most likely be locked for editing. If so discuss in the related discussion page.


Images that art uploaded should:

  • related to anything.
  • ...any Source for the episodes
  • ...not be uploaded for no reason.
  • ...Images not in use will be deleted

Trivia SectionsEdit

In the Demyx Time Wikia Users are allowed to add to a trivia section, but for that it must follow the following Conditions :

  • Must Be Related To the webshow
  • Must be Related To The Article

User Pages/User TalksEdit

  • The user pages are to be edited only by the users themselves. If anyone disagree with the content, contact the user or contact me. User_talk:Eliskuya2
  • The same will apply to the talk pages. No content except one's own messages is allowed to be edited.
  • The user is free to put up whatever they want on their user pages, but with curtain exceptions!
  • Real Life Images To ensure one's anonymymity images of one self or other real life people are not allowed. If done anyway, images will be deleted!
  • Bashing other users. We on this wikia will always try to make this a happy place that people can enjoy. For that reason we want to avoid any conflicts between users.


  • In most casses of spam or other edits that are rule breaking it will only be reverted, but in turn does the admins of this wikia follow a two strike rule especially if it comes from an IP ADRESS ONLY user.
  • In heavy discussions between users this wikia's admins will not take a party. But if things go out of hand the admins will consider a time out which can result in a baning that will last from anything from a couple of hours to a whole three days. During such times users will only have access to their own talkpages.


  • If anyone wishes for an article to be deleted, put in {{Delete}} at the top of the page and write your arguments in the related discussion pages.
  • Once a deletion mark have been placed, do not remove it until the issue is resolved. Also do not remove the content of the page.
  • In many casses, instead of deletion, articles may be changed to Redirects.