Lexaeus (played by ) the silent hero, is the Nobody of Aeleus and was Rank V within Organization XIII



Organization XIII member



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Lexaeus is easily the largest member of Organization XIII, and his black cloak is similar to that of Vexen, with slightly longer than average sleeves. He also wears the standard black boots and gloves. Lexaeus has very angular and strong features, with a square chin, straight nose, and sharp cheekbones. He has blue eyes and small eyebrows. His hair is auburn and slicked back into rather odd, messy spikes.


Lexaeus appears only in episode 13. He plays the part of Lexaeus Lexington Mustard in Demyx's Cluedo dream. He is constantly hungry, despite the constant murders around him, so much so he jeopardizes the investigation by unlocking the house to fetch a take away, and eating the corpses. Despite holding an obvious grudge against Vexen for stealing his wife and his shoes, he is only suspected by everyone when threatening to murder Xion for implying he could be the murderer. However, the only murder he does commit is accidental, and involves whacking the unconscious Xigbar's head against a lamp post.


  • Vexen - Lexaeus holds a grudge against him.
  • Zexion - Partners for the investigation. Zexion fears him for obvious reasons.

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