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Luxord (played by Dan), the Gambler of Fate, is Rank X within Organization XIII.


Luxord first appears in Demyx Time 10, presenting the short lived topic "Cooking with Luxord", along with a past incarnation of himself he summoned as an assistant. As he attempts to prepare the meal, his past self keeps drinking the necessary rum, and they get into a fight. Unfortunately for present day Luxord, he must suffer every blow he inflicts upon his past self, giving the latter a huge advantage.

In Demyx Time 11, he is only mentioned, and is said to be hunting a kraken in the toilets. During the credits, he makes a cameo doing just that.

In Demyx Time 12, he tags along the "loser" kids because of his apparently incomprehensible english accent. Despite being rather well-spoken and having studied in Cambridge, he is dismissed during the spelling bee and Romeo and Juliet audition.

In Demyx Time 13, he plays the part of the butler in Demyx's "Cluedo" dream. He discovers both Vexen and Xaldin's bodies. Marluxia briefly directs suspicion towards him, because the then deceased Xigbar owed him money, but Xemnas waves it off. He is among the last killed, with Demyx and Lexaeus.

In Demyx Time 14, he is given the job of doorman, but Larxene soon finds him passed out with a bottle in the kitchen. He goes to the past to prevent Larxene's unborn baby from being conceived, but ultimately fails, and returns after messing up the timeline and fixing it again. He then drinks a love potion by mistake and falls in love with Xigbar and chases him around for a good part of the second episode. Zexion drops a book on his head to cure him, and he is back to normal.


Luxord wears the usual all-black attire of Organization members, but his cloak is somewhat different than normal, sporting slightly pointed shoulders and very loose sleeves. Luxord's platinum blond hair is very short and worn in a Caesar cut, and he has blue eyes. He is also the only member of Organization XIII. Luxord wears five silver piercings on his ears; four helix piercings in the form of two hoops on each ear and one piercing shaped like the Nobody symbol dangling from one earlobe. The latter piercing hangs from his left ear, indicating that both earlobes are pierced.


  • Xaldin - The two seem to be on good enough terms, as Luxord has gone to the past to stop him from sleeping with a Russian girl, who was really a Russian boy.
  • Xigbar - Luxord briefly falls mad in love with him because of a love potion. It doesn't last.
  • Larxene - Luxord does seem genuinely attracted to Larxene and would rather have her to himself.

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