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Marluxia (played by Jenn and Dani) the Graceful Assassin, is Rank XI within Organization XIII, the lord of Castle Oblivion.


Tall, elegant with feminine features, Marluxia wears the basic Organization uniform of a black cloak, black boots, and black gloves. His hair is shoulder-length and rose pink, and very spiky. Marluxia's eyes are blue and his lips are a pale pink.


Marluxia is first featured on Demyx Time in Demix Time 3 when Demyx places the Dem Dem Cam in his room and he is caught breaking up with Vexen and writing in his Evil Plot Notebook to kill him off.

He is shown again in Demyx Time 5 when Axel and Demyx get revenge on him for stealing Demyx's sweets (When in reality it was Axel) by cooking all of his flowers.

In Demyx Time 6 it is hinted that he has feminine tendencies based on his sleepwear choice, "Girls Night In." Later they are shown holding Marluxia's hair, apparently shaved, in response to the question: "If Marluxia shaved his head, what would you do?"

In Demyx Time 7 (Part 1 of 2), it is revealed that Demyx emptied Marluxia's entire bank account when Demyx received an e-mail that his great-great grandfather who lived in the Pride Lands had "died recently and left him 2.5 billion munny". The message was apparently a scam and because Demyx had no account, he used someone's - which happened to be Marluxia's. When he finds out, Marluxia cries, "Oh God, I'm a peasant!" and promptly faints.

Marluxia is shown at the Demyx Time Celebration when Demyx Time got over 100 video responses.

He appears again in Demyx Time 8 with Larxene when they crash Axel Time and discuss their plans to take over the Organization. The plans are written on jagged poster board because Demyx wiped Marluxia's bank account, and he must resort to using anything he can find to plot on because he pawned all he owned.

Marluxia appears again in Demyx Time 9, first in a small meeting of Orgy members, and later on as he tries to confuse Axel/Demyx into signing up to be in the Castle Oblivion Trio group. He has apparently only recently was put in charge of Castle Oblivion and brags to Demyx about it when he first sits down to talk about him joining the trio. Axel and Demyx insults him before lying about the cue cards and causing Marluxia to leave in a huff. He then later visits Vexen to discuss advancements to his powers and costume to commemorate his recent appointment. Vexen then tries to get out of it to work on a way to switch Axel and Demyx back to their original bodies, and accidentally reveals the secret. Marluxia conceives a plan to trick Demyx, who is in Axel's body, to join the trio. His plan is a success when he tempts Demyx with SkyTV's cartoon channels, and Demyx signs the contract as Axel.

In Demyx Time 11, Marluxia is seen fighting with Larxene over who broke the George Foreman Cheese Grill. He is seen again at the Orgy Meeting where he informs them that Xaldin is at Art Class (Learning to "Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind"), Laxaeus is attending Camp Rock, Axel has missed his 13th consecutive meeting, Luxord is hunting the kraken in the bathroom again, Roxas is missing for his 13th consecutive time as well time, and that Xion is still upset about the tea party incident so she went to bed. Later in the meeting he suggests that each of the Organization members stand before Sora for a bit and monologue about how they're going to beat him before they actually attempt to attack him. His final proposition is that Saix and Xemnas take a well deserved vacation and leave Castle Oblivion to him.

In Demyx Time 12, the high school themed special, Marluxia is the head of the Drama Department in the group of cool kids. He's extremely melodramatic, and spells the world 'perfect' in the spelling bee as 'M-a-r-l-u-x-i-a', revealing he has an enormous ego. He plans to do a one-man Show of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, before the Cool Kids vs. the Losers battle totally ruins it.


  • Larxene - His partner in the plan to take over the Organization. It is also hinted that they have a very personal relationship in Demyx Time 14 where Larxene thinks that he is most definitely the father of her child.
  • Xigbar - In Demyx Time 11 it is shown that he feels the same sentiments as the other members about Xigbar's apparent lack of respect and decency.

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