Vexen (played by Kelly ) the Chilly Academic, is the Nobody of Even and was Rank IV within Organization XIII.



Organization XIII member



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Vexen wears the basic Organization uniform of a black coat with black colored boots and gloves, though the sleeves of Vexen's cloak are a bit longer than normal and partially cover his hands. His cloak is also the longest out of all the members having it almost like a gown that covers his boots.

Because of his experiments, he sometimes wears protective clothing above his coat with yellow rubber gloves. He is also frequently seen wearing ridiculously large goggles, presumably for his experiments.


Vexen is highly eccentric, often babbling or speaking hurriedly and repetitively. He occupies the bathroom for his experiments after his lab was rendered unusable; in the preview for Demyx Time 15 we see the bath is now officially called 'Vexen's Lab'.

In Demyx Time 10, Vexen reveals he believes that the government is trying to steal his "incredible inventions" from his head, and takes to wearing headphones to "block them from his mind". He is also firmly against Demyx going into the other guys' rooms.


  • Marluxia: - In Demyx Time 3 it is revealed that Vexen and Marluxia were in a relationship, which ended in this episode.
  • Xigbar: - In the Demyx Time short "Faith", the two have a conversation over drinks. Xigbar calls Vexen his 'best friend'...despite that he is friends with everyone else in Organization XII, a man that waved to him from a car, the garbage man and a person from the bus stop first.
  • Demyx: - In Demyx Time 10 Vexen replaces Axel but the two don't get along. Demyx thinks Vexen's headphone idea is rather strange or that Vexen himself is just rather strange in general - and Vexen can't ignore Demyx's antics.

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