Xaldin (played by Dani and Josh) the Whirlwind Lancer is the Nobody of Dilan and is Rank III within Organization



Organization XIII member



Favourite Saying


Xaldin appears very rarely in the series, being only mentioned in early episodes, generally to imply a relationship with Xigbar. According to Marluxia, he is an artist, as in Demyx Time 11, he is absent because he is taking a class to learn to "paint with all the colours of the wind". He has made only two appearances so far, not counting episode 2 of The Sora Show. Demyx Time 13: In Demyx's Cluedo dream, he is the cook, and apparently the only person in the Organization able to cook at all. He is murdered early in the show with poisoned bubble mixture. Demyx Time 14: Xaldin is portrayed as a money grabber in this particular episode. He will demand to be paid for everything, including being a father to his own child. He gives his friend Xigbar therapy for his Robert Downey Jr and Xemnas issues, looks after Vexen's bathroom while he is gone, and gets paid to listen to Demyx for an hour by Axel. In the alternate timeline accidentally created by Luxord, he messes up the order of the Organization and ends up being a midget.


  • Xigbar - Xaldin seems to be Xigbar's best friend and one of the only people who can stand his crusty, old body. Also, judging by a thong found by Demyx in Xigbar's room, they have been in a relationship at some point.