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Xemnas (played by Amala), the Superior of is the Nobody of Xehanort, is Rank I within Organization XIII.


Like all the Organization members, Xemnas wears the basic black cloak, boots, and gloves. He has amber-orange eyes and dark skin, much like his complete being, Xehanort. Xemnas's hair is long, reaching to about mid-back, silver in color, and some of it falls over his shoulders.


Xemnas is first shown at the Orgy Meeting in Demyx Time 5. He is leading the meeting although most of the time, it seems like no one is listening. He also threatens to stop Demyx Time if Demyx doesn't get over 100 video responses. This, however, was accomplished easily.

In Demyx Time 11, Demyx is shown to have borrowed an extensive amount of money from him. Also, his room, known as the Room of Sleep, is revealed to also be the Room of Xbox 360.

In Demyx Time 12, he is the rather dishonest headmaster of Oblivion High, not above faking disabilities and bribing for his own advantage.

In Demyx Time 13, he is the host of the Cluedo-esque dinner. He has apparently somehow offended his guests the year before. He is never suspected of any murders, and is killed alongside Roxas in the bathroom.

In Demyx Time 14, he is also portrayed as promiscuous. His solution for a love triangle is a three way, but when forced to make a choice, he chooses Saïx for his "God-like perfect body" rather than his old friend Xigbar. When he finds out Larxene might be pregnant with his child, he has her beaten up to kill the child.


  • Saïx - Basically a dog and his master. Saix is the one who give the Superior his bubble bath.
  • Xigbar - Apparently, back when it was only Org. II, things between them were strong.

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