Zexi Hexing by VanchaAyris


Organization XIII member



Favourite Saying

Zexion(played by Vancha) the Cloaked Schemer is the Nobody of Ienzo


Zexion is shown first at the Orgy meeting when Larxene steals his book, thus making him commit suicide.

He is also shown when Demyx sings "If You Were Gay" to him. This personally upsets him.

Then Zexion is found in a different room by Xigbar who annoys him. It is revealed that Zexion changes rooms every week so no one can't bother him.

In Demyx Time 12, he is the scene kid reading Twilight in the cool kids group.

In Demyx Time 14, he is reading Twilight and is bothered by Xigbar about the superiour so he gives him a love potion. Then Larxene with the baby situation. Later, he oddly helps Xigbar reverse the love potion that Luxord drank instead of the superiour. By helping Xigbar, Zexion dropped his book Twilight on Xigbar's head, probably just for the heck of it, and then on Luxord that revesered the potion effects.


Despite being one of the Organization's founding members, Zexion physically appears to be among the younger members, and is certainly one of the smallest in stature (save for Roxas). He wears the signature black Organization cloak, boots, and gloves, though his cloak's sleeves are slightly bell-shaped. Zexion has bright aqua colored eyes, though only his left one is clearly visible, the right one being covered by his long, layered bangs. His steel-blue hair


  • Demyx - In Demyx Time 12, Demyx has a huge crush on him. Zexion uses this to his advantage to distract Demyx during the baseball game.
  • Xigbar - Basically he hates him because Xigbar always finds where he is.

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